2020 Recommend Items【66】Frozen vegetable

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☆ Today’s recommended :  Frozen vegetable    ☆


Frozen vegetable is useful to save your time !

Already it is cut a small piece ,  No need to use a knife !




Unifoods 『 Mini series 』

●Cut spinach  200g 50pkt/case

JAN 4956017131014


●Green beans  200g  50pkt/case

JAN 4956017131021




●Cut white spring onion  200g 50pkt/case

JAN 4956017131052




●Cut green spring onion   200g 50pkt/case

JAN 4956017131069





●Chopped Onion   200g 50pkt/case

JAN 4956017131038







●Broccoli  200g 50pkt/case

JAN 4956017131007





●Mix Europe vegetable  200g 50pkt/case

JAN 4956017130932






●Peeled Taro  180g 50pkt/case

JAN 4956017130833




●Burdock・carrot Mix 200g 50pkt/case

JAN 4956017131045




● Edamame seasoned salt 180g 50pkt/case

JAN 4956017131076





●Sliced Okura 180g 50pkt/case

JAN 4956017131083





●Cut Rape blossoms 200g 50pkt/case

JAN 4956017130185



●Pumpkin 200g 50pkt/case

JAN 4956017131090





●Deep fried eggplant  180g 50pkt/case

JAN 4956017130956





●Cut cabbage 250g 50pkt/case

JAN 4956017131120



●Cut chinese cabbage  250g 50pkt/case

JAN 4956017131137





●Takoyaki 140g7pcs 60pkt/case

JAN 4956017130949





●Okinawa’s  Okonomiyaki    120g3pcs 80pkt/case

JAN 4956017131106





●Fried Octopus mini 60g 160pkt/case

JAN 4956017131113




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